Friday, November 16, 2012

Freelance Fridays: The Frugal Artist~November

Good Freelance Friday Everyone! I've been thinking about once a month incorporating an art piece into our freelance Friday's and being the frugal soul that I am rightfully named this session The Frugal Artist.

Today I am going to share with you an art piece that was created from a couple simple portraits of my grandsons. Take a look at the first couple images straight out of the camera no cropping

A few months back I was at a garage sale and found a couple odd size framed pieces of art 8x24 for a couple dollars so I grabbed them with these images in mind. I could see how to crop and mount to make an ordinary image become a work of art for our office. So I measured my frames and used photoshop to crop my images and I  turned them both into black and white. 

And the next image you see everything I put together. I took my two images to photoshop once again and put them together on one sheet of paper which made a 16x24 and had staples print it for me I think it cost about 15.00 to have this printed. We tried printing the engineer print which was only a couple $ but it was way to dark so I opted to go with a standard copy of in black and white. 

Next I took the old art out of the frames and spray painted the frames black. and with the old art I used mod podge to adhere the images onto the existing boards.

Note in the next couple pictures you mod podge goes on thick and covers the image but it will dry clear I covered the top of the existing board and laid my image down onto the mod podge then I covered the image with another layer of mod podge to give the image a protective coating. 

And the finished product is two wonderfully frugal pieces of art I can proudly hang in our office. Not to mention the cutest little guys I have ever laid eyes one. (Yes, I am a biased and proud GiGi)

So take what you have and make pieces of art for your home, it doesn't have to cost alot of money the entire project cost around $25.00 and I have extra spray paint and mod podge for another Freelance Friday: The Frugal Artist project. 

Happy Snapping 


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