Friday, November 9, 2012

Freelance Fridays: Do you see what I see?

Good Freelance Friday to you! Let's play a game it's called "Do you see what I see?"
Let's look at the first image and you tell me what you see. 
The back side of an old building not much excitement here right, Take a look at what I see, the perfect backdrop for senior photo sessions.

Changing your angle and photographing down the wall makes a great image.

Seniors love collages so I chose the best of the best & made Bridget a senior collage in an odd size of 4x10

another great angle photographing from the side of the building.

Below is another fantastic backdrop for senior sessions I love how the paint is peeling off the bricks only on part of the building.

I chose to make this one black and white with the texture as a backdrop.

And again a collage this time I faded my model into part of the wall. This makes a wonderful off size of 4x10 and seniors love them. So does mom and dad!

Take the time to look in the alleys of your downtown areas,  you never know what is hidden away just waiting to be the perfect backdrop for your senior session or even families.
The greatest part these sessions were taken within a few feet of each other. All we had to do was turn the corner and have another different and fantastic backdrop.

Happy Snapping
Linda Bingham

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