Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Focus on Simpler Things

Everyone is talking about the outcome of the election some are happy, some sad, some angry. I, on the other hand, am focusing on simpler things. I just pulled all the Christmas items out of the attic and going to start designing our home for the holidays and along the way photograph the journey. Today take a photo that makes you feel good, make a memory with your child, grandchild, spouse, coworker, etc and record it through a photograph, go outside and just enjoy the sunshine and see what God has done today. See the beauty that surrounds you everyday. If your cup of coffee is your one bright spot today photograph your cup on the table and enjoy the moment. Life can hand us lots of uncertainties and it is totally up to you how you handle them. I choose to live every moment in total peace and harmony no matter what.

Take 5 minutes to stop the chaos of the world and make your spot in life a little brighter and enjoyable.

Have a blessed beyond measure peaceful day.

Happy Snapping!
Linda Bingham

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