Friday, October 26, 2012

Freelance Friday: It's just about pumpkin time....

Good Friday morning everyone, today I want to talk to you about getting great photos of your children, grandchildren, or just to use as home decor this fall season. Of course the pumpkins are out all over town and everyone is decorating with all their beautiful fall accessories so now is the time to grab your camera and enjoy what others have decorated with or create your own. A couple years ago in my studio I wanted to do a pumpkin patch in early October and of course the pumpkins weren't ready for picking so I picked some at Hobby Lobby and created this pumpkin patch in my yard.

Note the look on Chayton's face I love taking photos that show personality. He started making faces at me so I took a whole series of funny face photos and of course it made a fantastic addition to the pumpkin patch collage below. 

This next photo is a full shot of the pumpkin patch set. And yes the pumpkins are fake from Hobby Lobby I love the way they photographed and looked so real.
And of course I wanted to use part of the photo above to create a great art piece to hang in our home during the fall season so I created a square photo from part of the pumpkin parch. This is a great way to create your own art. 

Of course us your imagination and look around your house for what you already have, old wheelbarrows, hay bales, floral arrangements, signs, old wooden fence, you will be amazed at how little went into this set, other than the pumpkins we had everything else that I could repurpose into a great photo set.

If you don't want to create your own look around your area, businesses, churches, banks, etc usually have some beautiful outdoor fall displays this time of year and just ask the owner or manager if they mind you taking pictures of it with our with children in it.

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