Friday, February 15, 2013

The Art of Photography 6 Week Photoshop Seminar

The Art of Photography
6 Week Photoshop Seminar
Comanche Texas

Wednesday 5:30-6:30/7 
(end time may vary depending on what we are covering that session)
March 6, 2013
March 13, 2013
March 20, 2013
March 27, 2013
April 3, 2013
April 10, 2013

Class space is limited so you must preregister. I will cut off registration when it is full.

The Art of Photography
6 Week Photoshop Seminar

This will be a 6 week class starting at basic and weekly adding more  intense photoshop instructions, Everyone can learn.  
We will be concentrating on the new 
photoshop elements 11, but if you have a different version it is ok the information will still work in all versions of photoshop. If you don't have photoshop and want to purchase it contact me and I will find you the best deal on photoshop elements 11. 

Feel free to bring you laptop and work along with me. 

 Register today to guarantee a seat.

There will not be a regular scheduled class for the month of March or April. 

You can't get this kind of training anywhere in our area. So take advantage and learn the basics of photoshop to edit your photos like a pro. I have spent the last 8 years traveling across Texas to get training spent thousands and thousands of dollars on seminars, travels, and workshops. So I can bring this information back to you for only $99.00

Don't hesitate or the class will be full, reserve your seat now class is filling up fast.

The Art of Photography
6 Week Photoshop Seminar

Friday, December 7, 2012

Freelance Fridays: Aperture Priority What it means

Freelance Fridays: Aperture Priority What it means

Aperture Priority setting is commonly called your f-stop, on your DSLR cameras it is AV or A setting and this setting can do some amazing things. Depending on the lens you are using will also determine the f-stop you are able to set your camera.

Set you camera to the lowest f-stop available to you, for more out of focus background and set your camera to the highest f-stop for more depth of field.

A simple easy way to get a professional looking image.

Happy Snapping

Friday, November 30, 2012

Freelance Friday: I spy!

Good Freelance Friday Morning, let's play a game of I spy. It has officially happened I can no longer just look at a photo and appreciate it for what it is. Well at least most of them I can't and this past week as I was looking at a poster ad my thoughts quickly turned to dissecting the image. So let's play a little game and see if you can find the things wrong with this image that screams PHOTOSHOP!  I have located 3 very obvious ones. Although this is a nice image and of course takes me to the mountains in the winter time and a place of peace that makes me want to own one of the cars, it also is a marketing ad and someone was paid very well to put this image together for the company another form of income for a photographer. 

Leave your comments below and tell me what you spy that screams PHOTOSHOPPED.

Happy Snapping
Linda Bingham

Friday, November 16, 2012

Freelance Fridays: The Frugal Artist~November

Good Freelance Friday Everyone! I've been thinking about once a month incorporating an art piece into our freelance Friday's and being the frugal soul that I am rightfully named this session The Frugal Artist.

Today I am going to share with you an art piece that was created from a couple simple portraits of my grandsons. Take a look at the first couple images straight out of the camera no cropping

A few months back I was at a garage sale and found a couple odd size framed pieces of art 8x24 for a couple dollars so I grabbed them with these images in mind. I could see how to crop and mount to make an ordinary image become a work of art for our office. So I measured my frames and used photoshop to crop my images and I  turned them both into black and white. 

And the next image you see everything I put together. I took my two images to photoshop once again and put them together on one sheet of paper which made a 16x24 and had staples print it for me I think it cost about 15.00 to have this printed. We tried printing the engineer print which was only a couple $ but it was way to dark so I opted to go with a standard copy of in black and white. 

Next I took the old art out of the frames and spray painted the frames black. and with the old art I used mod podge to adhere the images onto the existing boards.

Note in the next couple pictures you mod podge goes on thick and covers the image but it will dry clear I covered the top of the existing board and laid my image down onto the mod podge then I covered the image with another layer of mod podge to give the image a protective coating. 

And the finished product is two wonderfully frugal pieces of art I can proudly hang in our office. Not to mention the cutest little guys I have ever laid eyes one. (Yes, I am a biased and proud GiGi)

So take what you have and make pieces of art for your home, it doesn't have to cost alot of money the entire project cost around $25.00 and I have extra spray paint and mod podge for another Freelance Friday: The Frugal Artist project. 

Happy Snapping 


Friday, November 9, 2012

Freelance Fridays: Do you see what I see?

Good Freelance Friday to you! Let's play a game it's called "Do you see what I see?"
Let's look at the first image and you tell me what you see. 
The back side of an old building not much excitement here right, Take a look at what I see, the perfect backdrop for senior photo sessions.

Changing your angle and photographing down the wall makes a great image.

Seniors love collages so I chose the best of the best & made Bridget a senior collage in an odd size of 4x10

another great angle photographing from the side of the building.

Below is another fantastic backdrop for senior sessions I love how the paint is peeling off the bricks only on part of the building.

I chose to make this one black and white with the texture as a backdrop.

And again a collage this time I faded my model into part of the wall. This makes a wonderful off size of 4x10 and seniors love them. So does mom and dad!

Take the time to look in the alleys of your downtown areas,  you never know what is hidden away just waiting to be the perfect backdrop for your senior session or even families.
The greatest part these sessions were taken within a few feet of each other. All we had to do was turn the corner and have another different and fantastic backdrop.

Happy Snapping
Linda Bingham

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Focus on Simpler Things

Everyone is talking about the outcome of the election some are happy, some sad, some angry. I, on the other hand, am focusing on simpler things. I just pulled all the Christmas items out of the attic and going to start designing our home for the holidays and along the way photograph the journey. Today take a photo that makes you feel good, make a memory with your child, grandchild, spouse, coworker, etc and record it through a photograph, go outside and just enjoy the sunshine and see what God has done today. See the beauty that surrounds you everyday. If your cup of coffee is your one bright spot today photograph your cup on the table and enjoy the moment. Life can hand us lots of uncertainties and it is totally up to you how you handle them. I choose to live every moment in total peace and harmony no matter what.

Take 5 minutes to stop the chaos of the world and make your spot in life a little brighter and enjoyable.

Have a blessed beyond measure peaceful day.

Happy Snapping!
Linda Bingham

Friday, November 2, 2012

Freelance Friday: Sometimes you've got to punt

Freelance Friday: Sometimes you've got to punt, many times over the course of my experience with photographing portraits I have had to punt. But this one session keeps coming to mind. A family session with 5 adults and two children, the youngest being 2. I knew this fun loving family so before the session I created a beautiful portrait in my mind how it was going to turn out, they were going to fall in love with it, and everyone was going to live happily ever after, it was going to be such a Norman Rockwell moment, and angels were going to sing as we were taking the photos ......................................................................

WELL not quite how it went!

We set out one evening to the local park and the 2 year old had a different agenda. Like most 2 year old's can be at times, he wasn't a happy camper this particular evening, squirmy, agitated, and just didn't want to sit still for even a split second with the family to have his picture taken. This is where patience steps in and as a photographer you have two jobs, the most important one is to keep the parents or grandparents calm and reassure them that it will all be ok, Give them instructions on sitting still, continuing to look at the camera, and not focusing on the child who is not cooperating, and the second job is getting the child to look at you for a split second with some sort of resemblance of a beautiful smile. I love crying kid photos they are fun and most often how the session goes anyway but for the family portrait to hang above the mantel we needed that Norman Rockwell moment and the parents are always thinking you didn't get anything. 

After taking an hours worth of photos with lots of  "B" roll. I had this one last image the one that I created in my mind just for this family. The two children were to hold this banner in front of the adults it was going to be perfect. Not so much, the entire session I was thinking how do I revamp my image so I used the grandparents to hold the banner and I instructed them not to turn around and look at their kids and grandkids at all. This was going to show their personalities and be a fun family portrait now. I instructed the family to play with their 2 year old and the daughter to have a bit of an attitude towards her older sister's family, the great thing about portraits you can't hear what is happening and our 2 year old is still crying and laughing at his mom at the same time. 

This became the favorite photo of the entire session, and the grandparents loved it. Not all mantel worthy photos need be stiff, ridged, and posed. Sometimes you've got to punt. As the photographer it could have been a disaster but my main job was to give the family what they wanted memories of this moment in their life and I believe I did that through patience with a 2 year old and revamping my original photo idea.

So as you are taking portraits no matter how picturesque they may be in your mind you will have to punt. 

Happy snapping! 
Linda Bingham